Blood tests are important to screen your pet for diseases. We recommend blood tests when your pet is showing signs of illnesses, has a surgical procedure and when we need to monitor their health throughout different stages of their development. Blood tests are a routine part of veterinary care. To learn more, please reach out to us at 604-856-7707.

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Should my pet fast before having bloodwork done?

We encourage pet parents to withhold food for about 6 hours before bloodwork is done for the best results. If your pet eats within that time, the sample may have fat droplets. Although fasting before is ideal, your veterinarian may recommend impromptu testing and still get a good blood sample.

What do veterinarians look for in blood tests?

Bloodwork can reveal various health issues in your pet, as well as their normal health levels. Learning your pet’s baseline health when they are healthy provides your veterinarian with information that can be used for comparison in the future. From your pet’s bloodwork, we learn their complete blood count, which tells us if they have infections, anemia, and details about their immune response, hydration levels, and blood clotting function. 

How long does it take to have blood tests results?

When we collect your pet’s blood sample, we send them off to a high-spec reference laboratory. The laboratory also analyzes urine and fecal samples. Within 24 hours, we will receive your pet’s blood test results. We also have an in-house laboratory for certain kinds of tests. You can expect same-day results when we use our in-house laboratory. 

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