Being comfortable in their skin allows your pet to go about their daily routines and be happy. When your pet has flare-ups, they should be attended to before they result in other problems like skin sores. Luckily, our staff at Aldergrove Animal Hospital are experts at diagnosing and treating skin problems in pets. Our team can create a treatment plan that may include different forms of medication to keep their skin healthy.

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What are signs that my pet has a dermatological issue?

Signs of dermatological issues are usually very visible or shown in your pet’s behaviour. Your pet will scratch excessively or sometimes even bite themselves in an attempt to relieve the discomfort. You may see flaking, foul odours, redness of the skin, hair loss, and lumps or bumps.

What may be causing my pet to itch?

Many of the skin issues your pet experiences are similar to the ones humans have. Some of the reasons why your pet may be itching excessively are:

  1. Parasites – Fleas can cause your pet’s skin to become itchy and inflamed
  2. Yeast Infection – This causes your pet’s skin to be greasy and red; it also gives them a foul odour
  3. Food Allergies – These cause itching and scooting their rear end (some pets may have digestive issues)
  4. Environmental Allergies – Pollen and dust mites can cause your pet to rub their face or lick their paws (some pets can even develop brownish ear discharge when they come in contact with environmental allergens)

How are skin issues treated?

Treatment varies according to your pet’s specific case. We will examine your pet and run tests to diagnose their dermatological health problem. Once diagnosed, we will prescribe topical creams, oral medications or laser therapy to improve your pet’s condition. We strongly discourage pet parents from attempting to treat skin problems with DIYs from the internet. Though well intended, at-home treatment can make your pet’s issues worse. It is always best to book an appointment with us at 604-856-7707.

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