Laser therapy has been used for years in humans and has recently been adopted in veterinary medicine. It helps relieve pain and discomfort; many pets usually show significant improvement. This form of therapy is pain-free, non-invasive and completely safe for your loyal companion. 

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What is laser therapy?

Laser therapy uses light energy to target areas of the body and stimulate healing. A Class 4 Laser is used to penetrate deep tissues. The light encourages good changes in the cell, which promotes healing, increases blood flow, and reduces pain. To discuss laser therapy for your pet, please reach out to us at 604-856-7707.

What conditions can be treated with laser therapy?

There are many conditions that can be treated with laser therapy. It has proven to be very useful in pets who are sensitive to medications, not fit for surgery and in arthritic cats who don’t want to swim or exercise. Here are the conditions that can be treated with laser therapy:

  1. Open wounds
  2. Ligament tears
  3. Nerve and spinal cord injury/surgery recovery
  4. Hip dysplasia
  5. Post-surgical treatment
  6. Kidney stones 
  7. Osteoarthritis

How many sessions of treatment will my pet need?

We usually start laser therapy treatment with six sessions over three weeks (although the amount varies depending on the patient). During the first treatment, your pet will feel immediate results. We continue treatment with monthly visits to reduce the need for medications. 

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