Each year, thousands of pets get separated from their loving guardians and home. To avoid being separated from your furry friend, we recommend getting them a microchip. Microchips stay in their body forever and cannot be removed or stolen (unlike ID tags and collars). Implanting the chip is painless and takes a matter of seconds to bring you peace of mind.

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What is a microchip?

A microchip is a rice-grain-sized chip that can help reunite you with your pet. During a microchip implantation, we insert the device under the skin at the back of their neck. The chip has a unique barcode that is read with a special scanner. That barcode is linked to a database where the owner’s information is kept. Once we insert the chip, the pet parent completes a registration form with their contact information, address and phone number. This information is encoded into the microchip and can be scanned if your pet ever gets lost and found. 

Why should I consider a microchip for my pet?

Microchips are highly recommended because they are permanent. When your pet has a chip implanted, they are added to a national pet recovery database. This means that if animal control or staff at a veterinary clinic scans the chip, they can access your contact information. Microchips also don’t need to be repaired or changed throughout your pet’s lifetime. The chip is made from a special material that is durable, safe and long-lasting. 

My pet stays indoors, should I still have them microchipped?

Microchips are still helpful to indoor pets. They can escape through an open door or window at any time. A collar is not as reliable as microchips, and if your pet gets outside, it may get torn or damaged. Please call us at 604-856-7707 to book a microchip appointment for your loyal companion.

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