Vaccinations for Puppies and Dogs

Vaccines are necessary to prevent your pet from getting sick. Aldergrove Animal Hospital has a vaccination program that gives your pet protection from their first weeks of life right into adulthood. Puppies should start vaccination when they are 6 to 8-weeks-old until they are about 4-months-old. Our team will ensure that your pet gets all the shots they need within that timeframe. When your pet is older, we will run tests and determine which booster shots they need. To discuss a vaccine schedule for your pet, please call us at 604-856-7707.

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What vaccines should my puppy/dog have?

As soon as your pet is eligible for vaccines, you should discuss a schedule with your veterinarian. Our doctors will recommend vaccines that are compulsory (core) for all dogs and we will consider your pet’s risk factors to recommend other vaccines (non-core). Our team will recommend a combination of core and non-core vaccines to keep your pet healthy, including:

  1. Rabies (core vaccine)
  2. DHPP (core vaccine; protects against distemper, hepatovirus, parvovirus and parainfluenza)
  3. Lyme (non-core)
  4. Leptospirosis (non-core)
  5. Canine Influenza
  6. Bordetella

Will my adult dog need booster shots?

Yes, your adult dog may need booster shots. At our hospital, we offer Titre Testing which allows us to determine which booster shots your pet needs. Titre Testing involves taking a blood sample where we look for antibodies to parvovirus, distemper virus and adenovirus. If your dog has adequate antibodies, they won’t need a booster that year. This test prevents over-vaccination and helps pet owners reduce spending. 

What happens if my pet is not vaccinated?

Unvaccinated pets have a higher chance of catching illnesses like rabies and Lyme disease that can be transmitted to humans. When your pet comes in contact with viruses, their bodies have a difficult time fighting off the diseases and it weakens them and threatens their lifespan. 

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