Heather Rice

Assistant Manager

FEAR FREE CERTIFIED / Certified Cat Friendly Advocate / Nutrition Advisor

Heather joined our team in 2017 after completing her veterinary Assistant Program. Having always loved animals she felt this was the perfect career to pursue.

Heather’s passion is client care and pet nutrition. Heather has completed numerous CE courses and earned her Nutrition Advisor Certification in February 2021. Heather is a strong believer in dietary education and wants to help our clients choose the best and most healthy diet for their pets. Heather runs our weight loss program and offers free nutrition consults to our clients. She also offers guidance and support to those pets needing a therapeutic and or allergy diet.

Heather is always helping in all areas of our clinic but is passionate about making sure when you walk into the hospital you and your pet are treated like family. The relationship between client and and clinic are very important to Heather and she loves making sure everyone is happy when they leave the clinic with their pet.

Heather is most proud of the team she is part of and works hard to support them daily.