Kazuko Kobayashi

Lead Veterinary Technologist


Kazuko is our head technologist who started at Aldergrove Animal hospital in 2005 right after graduating from Thompson Rivers University. Kazuko enjoys all aspects of being a technologist, and she especially loves to develop strong bonds with her patients and their parents. As the resident “Oldie”, Kazuko helps to ensure Aldergrove Animal Hospital runs smoothly.

Over the years, Kazuko has lived with numerous dogs and cats.  She currently shares her home with her husband and son along with their senior cat, Sophie.  Sophie is enjoying her retirement years by lounging on her favourite bed and eating Royal Canin Renal Support food to help manage her kidney disease. When not at work, you can find Kazuko enjoying the outdoors with her family and taking nature photography, which her husband proudly hangs on their home walls.